Comprehensive Correspondent Banking for Financial Institutions

At Yourbankservice, we partner with licensed banks and e-money institutions to enable access to correspondent banking for financial services businesses.

Through our regulated partners, we can facilitate multi-currency correspondent accounts to help banks, credit institutions, and other regulated entities conduct business and keep customer funds separate.

Accounts can be opened in GBP, EUR, and over 30 other currencies to support global operations through our trusted network.

Our correspondent account offerings include:

  • Multi-currency accounts to maintain balances, segregate funds, and enable cross-border transactions
  • Access to domestic and international payment rails for streamlined money movement
  • Robust compliance and KYC checks to meet regulatory standards
  • 24/7 account access and dedicated support

As an embedded finance platform, Yourbankservice handles the integration and operational management to deliver these accounts seamlessly through our technology.

Whether you need multi-currency accounts, improved treasury management, or to expand reach, our correspondent banking solutions through licensed partners can help.

Get in touch today to learn how we can facilitate customized correspondent accounts for your financial services business.