Open Banking

Unlock the Potential of Open Banking

At Yourbankservice, we provide access to open banking capabilities through partnerships with banks, payment initiators, and account providers across Europe.

Open banking allows businesses to build innovative financial services by leveraging consumer and business account data through APIs. Our partners facilitate:

  • Account data access under PSD2 and other regulations
  • Instant bank-to-bank payments without cards
  • Seamless authentication via banks for payments
  • Streamlined onboarding and KYC checks

We enable you to easily integrate these open banking compliant services through our platform. Benefits include:

  • Reduced transaction costs without card fees
  • Enhanced data for credit/lending decisions
  • Faster settlement times with bank transfers
  • Decreased fraud and chargebacks

Whether you want to enable payments, access financial data, or streamline operations - our open banking solutions make it simple. We handle the technical integration and compliance management.

As an embedded finance platform, Yourbankservice provides the connections, integrations, and operational support to unlock the potential of open banking through our regulated partners.

Get in touch today to explore how open banking APIs can help you innovate and better engage customers.